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In a somewhat curious move, Houston Texans HC Gary Kubiak pulled QB Case Keenum (7) in the waning minutes of the 3rd quarter and replaced him with QB Matt Schaub (8). The Texans were down 28-17 to the Oakland Raiders in their Week 11 matchup. Keenum had had three 3-and-outs during the 3rd quarter (a lot of 3’s there) and apparently Kubiak had seen enough. It’s pretty clear that Matt Schaub will not be Houston’s answer at QB for the future, but is the Case Keenum experiment also done?

The Texans went on to lose, 28-23


There’s going to be a lot of pressure for Case Keenum tomorrow, the rest of the nation and top dog football teams does not want us to win tomorrow. But we are COOGS! We will win! We will prove to them that our team is tighter then ever! 

No matter what the rumors say about Coach Sumlin transferring… he will be on that field tomorrow helping us win an invitation to the BCS Bowl game!

Coogs, we will win tomorrow! We will defeat Southern Miss. and will show th

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